Rock products

1 1/2" Washed Rock


 This rock runs from 3/4" to 1 1/2".  It can be used for landscaping, to firm up muddy driveways, firm up mud holes, sewer rock, base rock, etc.  We also have a rounded 1 1/2", it is used for landscaping and roofing rock.  It is a specialty rock and does cost more than the regular 1 1/2" rock.  We also have a unwashed version than is cheaper than the washed.

3/4" Washed Rock


3/4" rock runs from 1/4" to 3/4".  It's uses include drainage rock for around tile, driveway rock for those greasy driveways, parking areas (helps keep dirt from tracking in) and occasionally landscaping.

Pea Rock


We have 2 sizes of Pea Rock 3/8" (5/32" to 3/8") and 1/4" (5/32 to 1/4", pictured above)  This rock can be used for drainage, driveways, play areas, and around fuel tanks.


Above is a picture of the 1 1/2" Rock used for landscaping.


Above we put a thin layer of 3/4" rock on our parking area.

Above is the 3/8" minus Pea Rock

Above is a picture of our 3/8" Pea Rock.  This is a specialty product and does cost more than the 1/4".