#10 Quint axle dump truck


This truck is designed for payload.  It can haul 21 ton with ease.  It's limitations are that if you have a tight spot it won't be able to get into it because of it's size and lack of turn radius.  Also, with the pusher axles it can't go down any type of ditch or drop off.

#17 Quint axle dump truck


This truck can also easily haul 21 ton loads.  This quint axle has better turning radius than  #10 but it is still limited by it's size and pusher axles on where it can get into.

#21 Quad axle dump truck


This is our smallest truck.  It can still haul 19.5 ton of material.  It is a little shorter than the quints and is able to turn fairly sharp.  This allows it to get into some tighter spots.  It is still a big truck though and it can't get everywhere.  Ditches and any type of sharp drop off are off limits with this truck as well.

#SP10 Semi End dump


This semi is pulling a frameless East end dump.  It is designed for payload.  It can haul 26 ton of material.  This truck and trailer needs to be straight and extremely level in order to dump safely.  

Belly dumps


We have 4 belly dumps.  Again these trucks and trailers are designed for payload.  We worked with R-way corp to design their first "Lite" model.  It is made with less steel to save weight and gain payload.  Our lightest belly dump can haul up to 20 cubic yards!